FOHEART: inertial action to capture any of your new technology


       Science and technology to change life, has become the consensus. Technology is changing, life is often new. Now, the inertial action capture system from FOHEART is emerging in the tide of technology for its unique, high-quality performance. If the smart phone to create a new way of life, then the hunting system is to create a new way of interaction.

         For ordinary people, action capture technology may be a relatively unfamiliar vocabulary. Give a simple example, we are easier to understand. We know the film "Avatar" to use this technology. Different from some of the characters action stiff "feathers effects", action capture technology is to allow actors to wear a specific dress, through the dynamic software to capture the actor action data, and then through the data processing, import the appropriate software, so that the design of good people " And move. "

        FOHEART C1 inertial action capture system developed by Beijing Fu Xin Technology is a product that brings action capture technology into the general consumer field of view. The whole set of products mainly by the node sensor, charging plug, router, the whole package and other components.


        From the product performance, the full set of single-shot device contains 17 nodes sensor, with the node color to distinguish between different parts of the body, using a 2.4GHz private protocol, strong anti-interference, support the scene with more real-time real catch. In the way to wear comfortable and easy to operate, you can take care of the majority of different users of the body. Router performance is stable and reliable, but also set aside two antenna interface for long distance large scene capture to provide protection. Self-developed PC-side software MotionVenus, real-time monitoring of hardware devices.

       From the industrial design, the inspiration from the "sky" concept, so that "Jane (Simplicity), quality (Essence), Hyun (Cool), Young (Unique)" four words, can be said that science, The perfect fusion.

       More important, from the application point of view, FOHEART C1 can be widely used in VR, 3D characters animation (animation, games, film and television, etc.), sports science, rehabilitation medicine, biomechanical research, sports training, military simulation and many other areas.

      Want to record every action, so that the movement more scientific and effective?

       Want to watch the perfect effects in the animation, film and television works?

      Want to be really in the game?

      FOHEART C1 is the best choice. A wide range of uses, coupled with innovative, free entrepreneurial spirit, a common decision to Fu Xin technology cooperation model is bound to open, win-win situation, and is willing to all with the same people in the film and television production, game development, gaming experience (including theme parks, etc.) And other areas in the depth of cooperation, to provide strong technical support.

       Of course, Fu Xin Technology is not satisfied with a product, but to FOHEART C1-oriented, committed to the entire ecological chain to build. And then will continue to release consumer-level mobile capture and enterprise-class wireless capture, while supporting mobile experience and online Web capture data analysis platform for users to provide technical and code support center, and FAQ center.

        FOHEART, that is, "Follow Your Heart", like Blizzard Ten years sword, and finally let the World of Warcraft swept the same game circle, the heart of science and technology uphold the beginning of the heart, after four years of lonely exploration, independent research and development, will eventually FOHEART C1 A mature quality products. As a new force of science and technology, Fu Xin Technology and partners will be in the tide of science and technology in the heart to create a better future.

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