English NameBeijing FOHEART  Technology Co.,Ltd. 

LocationHongshankouNo.8,HeishanhuRoad,Haidian District,Beijing

Founded inJuly 7, 2015

ProductInertial Motion Capture System

Industry: electronic products, virtual reality

Company Profile

         FOHEART  Technology , the attention in the field of virtual reality hardware R & D, is currently working in research and development of "inertial motion capture system, through the research of MEMS based inertial sensors developed a low latency, low power consumption, high precision of inertial motion capture system. FOHEART C1 by nine axis sensor fusion algorithm, 2.4GHzWiFi wireless transmission scheme, and has the advantages of low cost, low latency, high precision multiple advantages can be widely used in many areas of VR, 3D character animation (animation, games, movies, etc.), exercise science, medical rehabilitation, biomechanical research, sports training, military simulation. C1 FOHEART inertial motion capture system uses the human body as a whole body of 17 wireless nodes, each node uses a gyroscope, acceleration, magnetic sensor nine axis integration program. Now and in the future we have been moving in the direction of inertia instead of optical motion.

Cultural Concept

Company Name Origin

         Chinese: Fu, from the "book of changes" People have faith, obedience to my heart, do not have to ask, it is lucky, the people have trust, obey me, because I have a German English: FOHEART, taken from " Follow Your Heart".

Enterprise Idea

(1)product idea is: product is the fusion of science, art and humanities;

(2)idea of our work is: high efficiency, innovation, collaboration, value;

(3)business philosophy: the return to nature, the creation of value;

Enterprise Spirit

Creative    Explore    Freedom    Openness


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