The latest version magic.2022.4.0
Last updated2022-07-06 10:43:23

MOTIONVENUS® Keep Updating and Never Up

Real-time measurement of kinematics data, including the body center of gravity, displacement, joint Angle, etc

Joint displacement,center of mass displacement

Full body joint Angle real-time/playback display

Skeletal acceleration, angular velocity, amount of rotation

Rich raw data: angular velocity, acceleration, linear acceleration, magnetic force values

Provide the SDK MotionVenus

The SDK provides both Debug and Release versions

And provided a test program of the project source code

Written in C/C++ language, at a glance

The project was developed using Visual Studio 2013 platform

MotionVenus supports a variety of third-party software





Open the WeChat, click the upper right corner of the "+", select "sweep" function, with the camera at the bottom of the two-dimensional code can be concerned about our friends ~