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  • Embedded Software Engineer
    Hardware Development


    1、Wearable products Embedded software development;

    2、On - line embedded product software maintenance and improvement。 

    Job Requirements: 

    1、Computer, electrical automation, electronics, mathematics and other related professional, undergraduate and above; 

    2、Proficient in C / C ++ programming, familiar with ARM architecture and development environment; 

    3、Have DSP / Bluetooth / WiFi development experience plus points。 

  • C ++ Software Engineer
    Software Development

    【Job description】

    1、According to research and development needs, demand analysis, architecture design, coding, testing, debugging and other work;

    2、With the hardware engineer for Windows client driver code debugging;

    3TCP / IP, high-speed USB communication protocol design and debugging;

    4、Using OpenGL, DirectX and other graphics development work;

    5、Software functions in the MacOS, Linux platform transplant work.


    【Job Requirements】

    1、Full-time undergraduate or higher, computer, communications and other related professional, English requirements CET-4 and above;

    2、With more than two years C + +, QT platform software development experience;

    3、Have a deep understanding of computer graphics, familiar with OpenGL, DirectX development;

    4、Proficient in multithreaded application writing;

    5、Familiar with QT internal operating mechanism, there are windows side platform hardware interface driven R & D experience is preferred.


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